Dreier LLP v. Westford Asset Management LLC

Reported Decisions | January 29, 2013

In re: Dreier LLP, Debtor; Sheila M. Gowan, Chapter 11 Trustee For the Estate of Dreier LLP, Plaintiff, v. Westford Asset Management LLC, SGS Asset Management, Stafford Towne, Ltd., Bennington, International Holdings, Ltd., Westford Special Situations, Master Fund L.P., Adams, International Trading, Ltd., Carston Spires, Ltd., Westford Global Asset Management Ltd., Epsilon Global Master Fund, LP, Epsilon Global Master Fund II, LP, Westford Special Situations Fund, Ltd., Epsilon Distressed Strategies Master Fund, LP and Steve Stevanovich, Defendants; Bankruptcy No. 08–15051 (SMB); Adversary No. 10–5447; Jan. 29, 2013; 485 B.R. 821, United States Bankruptcy Court, S.D. New York.